Tea Tree: Why this Essential Oil made my Top Five List and How I Use It

tea tree cubes

Above: Tea tree chest and throat rub cubes.  I have included the recipe below!

Tea tree essential oil is often one of the first oils people purchase when they first start looking into essential oils.  This powerful oil can be found in almost every starter kit you buy.  There are many reasons why this oil is so popular, and they range from versatility to safety and effectiveness.

Tea tree essential oil is often made by steam distilling the leaves of the tea tree, Latin name Melaleuca alternifolia.  This tree can be found in various regions of Australia.  As far as scent goes, the essential oil smells herbaceous, camphorous, and medicinal.  I personally love the aroma, which I believe strongly hints to its wonderful therapeutic properties.

Why I love tea tree

One of the biggest reasons this essential oil made my top five list is due to safety.  This is one essential oil that I have always been more confident working with because it usually doesn’t cause skin reactions (when diluted properly).  For this reason, it is my go-to when I need something effective for my children.  I recommend starting with a one percent dilution, which equals one drop of essential oil to one teaspoon of carrier oil.

Another reason tea tree is my go-to oil is due to its strong antiseptic properties.  Although it is strong and effective, it is simultaneously gentle.  Because it can fight bacteria so well, I use it in a lot of remedies for sinus infections, fungal infections, and acne.

The fact that tea tree oil has SO MANY uses makes it a no-brainer when deciding what oils to purchase, which is another big reason it is one of my favorites.  This single oil can be used to repel lice, treat infections (both fungal and bacterial), sanitize, cleanse the skin, and aid in congestion.  Talk about getting more for your money!

Tea tree chest rub cube recipe

The white cubes in the photo at the top of the page are one way I harness tea tree’s medicinal properties for my children.  These are very simple cubes made with organic coconut oil, tea tree, and pine essential oils.  They work incredibly well when rubbed onto the chest for congestion.  I also massage some into my youngest son’s throat nightly when he has a sore throat and I suspect strep.  Another great use for these cubes is for fever, as tea tree may help naturally reduce a high fever.  Avoid using them near the eyes though.

They are so easy to create!  Simply melt the coconut oil (I do this by sitting the jar in warm water for a bit) and measure out three ounces.  Add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil and 6 drops of pine essential oil to the melted oil and pour into an ice cube tray.  You can leave it sitting out to harden or place it in the fridge, where it should harden much faster.  Although they will usually maintain their shape if left out, I prefer keeping my cubes in the fridge for storage when I have popped them out of molds.   I store them in a glass jar and grab them as I need them.


You can usually diffuse tea tree safely around children and adults alike.  For this reason, I like to fill my ultrasonic diffuser and add 6 drops of tea tree essential oil during times when we are feeling under the weather.  I have found that diffusing tea tree essential oil comes in especially handy when I have a sinus infection.  Tea tree essential oil may generally be safe for humans, but it is not safe to use around pets.  Please be mindful of any pets in your house if you choose to diffuse this oil.

Keep pests at bay

If you have kids in school, you may have had to deal with head lice.  When lice is going around, I like to add three drops of tea tree essential oil to one tablespoon of a natural hair gel and blend this together to use in my son’s hair.  Not only do they look stylish, but their hair becomes a less-than-appetizing home for lice.  For girls with long hair, this method may not be ideal.  You can opt for tea tree hydrosol and lightly mist it into their hair to help repel lice.  Lice aren’t the only pests that are said to be repelled by tea tree.  Try adding a drop or two to cotton balls and placing them in areas of your home where insects gather, especially door frames.  Just make sure to keep them away from children and pets.

So many more uses!

There are many other ways to use this amazing oil.  I have added several of my favorite (and most effective) tea tree oil recipes to my book, Organic Aromatherapy & Essential Oils: The Modern Guide to All-Natural Health and Wellness.  If you are interested in learning more about what you can do with tea tree oil, check it out: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1646114027






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